My latino wife calls me Sweetie: December 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dear Friend Miss Barb

     We lost a great family friend this week, Miss Barb as my wife calls her. Miss Barb was perfectly healthy last year when she made her yearly visit to see my mom in central Florida.  Miss Barb has been a lifelong friend with my mom and our family since I can remember, an RN just like my mom.

     Even though my wife had only known Miss Barb a short time, she attended are wedding and she became an instant friend to her.  Looking back on Miss Barb's visits up to are neck of the woods, we had the most fun when she and my mom came to visit.  Two annual visits left us with great memories and we even had planned this year going to the Florida Keys. I know that trip would have been full of fun and memories.  One memory I have is a trip we took to the funky seaport of Apalachicola.  We had just ate at my favorite seafood restaurant and we all decided to walk around the town and to the port area.  We came upon a shrimp boat and Miss Barb was all intrigued by seeing one in person.  It was a sunny cool day and we also were all entertained by a boat that suddenly took off from the water and was now flying around in the cool brisk blue sky.
     Miss Barb we will miss you but you will always be with us in memory and spirit.