My latino wife calls me Sweetie: April 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bohemian Babushka's Annual trip to Hispanicize #Hispz15

Bohemian Babushka's trip to Hispanicize has become an annual event. The event is every year during early March or April and is set in non-stop Miami. My wife Babushka, is from there, so she is very familiar with the area. The conference has been around for six years and #Hispz15 was the latest one.

Babushka starts packing about a week ahead of time because, well, she's BB. She likes her suitcases very big. First finding bags that are big enough,also the right clothes, so my wife can transform into the character that she not so secretly is. BB takes two big bags to the event but in reality it is never enough. BB takes many bags so she can bring back all the wonderful things she receives at Hispanicize. I still don't know how she has enough room to bring back all the stuff the sponsors give out. There are so many great and generous companies at this event including Coke, Target, Toyota, Hasbro, P&G, Dreamworks,Fox Latino and ViveMejor, along with many others.

My favorite is ViveMejor. I LOVE Lipton ice tea- Lemon,Raspberry, Mango!!!  BB brought back plenty of instant Lipton ice tea. So I was more than happy. Of course Babushka's bags were over flowing with other things from this great sponsor. We have packages of Knorr Rice Sides, squeeze bottles of Hellman's Mayo, hair products, Dove Body Wash, but mostly LIPTON ICE TEA!!! Thank you BB, Unilever and ViveMejor. Next year I'll be headed that way to Hispanicize 2016 and I'll have an empty suitcase JUST FOR LIPTON. Looking forward to it.