My latino wife calls me Sweetie: March 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

My new cat Mojo

I recently welcomed a new cat into the house and he has been great. Mojo came from a good family but they had an allergy towards cats. My wife found him online and the owner interviewed me before I could take him home. He is a beautiful all black cat with yellow eyes and he seems to love his new home, even if he did have to adjust to a big white female American Bulldog.

The two got acquainted by Mojo almost scratching Lightning the dog's eyes out. Mojo is an older cat and he is a great lap-cat and enjoys his meals. His owner was from Miami,so he loves his pork and chicken. I was told that Mojo was born in Miami so he is used to eating well.  Mojo has adjusted and even taken over some parts of the house. He's friendly enough,though there is still an occasional hissing at the dog. He is very verbal when he is hungry in the morning and  has been a great joy. This cat's very fun to talk to and seems to have lots to say.  Mojo are you ready for YouTube?