My latino wife calls me Sweetie: February 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

President Trump?

The recent election of Donald Trump has left the world in awe. Trump is an authoritarian leader who made some big promises during his election campaign.  His predictions and plans for the future seem radical for a United States President. Is this good or bad? Why did voters see him so differently?

President Trump won the most divided election in history and he made some people believe he could do something for them. Some of the promises he made include, protecting our borders and country, increasing our Gross Domestic Product while putting America first again.

Americans are hardworking and they believe Trump can put them back to work again, despite the fact that companies will not be increasing their productivity. He does not believe in climate change and has hired many billionaires and millionaires to his cabinet.

He wants to makes us a more sovereign country with little outside influence. Europe, Japan and others are scared of him making for an unstable world. This seems backwards to me but only time will tell.if this billionaire's plans create chaos or if the world comes to their senses.

We can't predict the future and this is why President Trump gives us such great concern, because we have not seen a president like this ever in history.  Many of us are still scratching our heads about how the country and the world will turn out.