My latino wife calls me Sweetie: May 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

My Trip To Key West

Our trip to Key West all came about because of my mom’s best friend Barb. Her best friend had talked about going to the Keys because she had never been. Life moves on for all of us and Barb passed away before she was able to go. Now Barb was about the best person you could ever meet and her passing was tough on the whole family.

Well my wife Bohemian Babushka or( BB) and me asked my mom if she still wanted to go. We had planned a May trip because of Mother’s Day. We left North Florida to pick up my mom who lives just below Orlando.

With BB’s connections we were getting a brand new car to drive down to Miami and then the Keys. We were supposed to get a Ford Transit to drive for the trip! What we didn’t expect was a bus to show up. What a surprise the Transit comes in different sizes and we got the bus size one. Plenty of room for all of BB’s stuff. When I saw the size I thought, “oh no” they gave us a gas hog. It turns out it is a diesel so it actually is very economical with this engine on the road.

The next day we started out early and of course I was elected to drive. Let me tell you it drove like a dream plenty of room for us big people. Hitting the open road felt like getting out of jail what freedom I felt. My mom had not been to Miami and the Keys for a long time. We arrived at my son-in-law's house to stay for a couple of days.

The next day was filled with sightseeing with my mom in Miami. My mom still has lots of energy and good thing she does because we did some major walking. My mom had a thrill riding the Metrorail everywhere and seeing the sites. I will tell you finding a parking space for that big Ford Transit is not easy and on top of that BB lost her key to the Transit. Turns out they only had one key so BB had to find it and she did.
  • The next day we had a nice tour on Carnival Cruise Lines. My mom sure has a lot of energy to see all of that ship! Well the rest of the trip to the Keys was very mellow compared to Miami and we all made it to lovely Key West. We drove that big Transit on Duval Street and were a nuisance. That is because most people either walk or ride a bike there. We saw some great landmarks including the Southernmost point. Loved
    this trip and hope to return to the Keys soon!