My latino wife calls me Sweetie: June 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Florida State Parks and Historical Re-enactments

Anytime you get the chance to see history come to life, it is educational and fun. My wife and I spent a saturday watching one of these re-enactments at a beautiful Florida state park. Beautiful thick oak trees with hanging moss set the stage at the Fort Mose Historic State Park where our theater group was putting on a play and we would stay and get to see the historic battle of Fort Mose located in St. Augustine.

My wife sometimes acts in the play, but is now the social media director for the "Theater with a Mission" or TWAM. I was there to take pictures and video of the play "El Muerto". It was great fun and was surprised by some great acting of the Spanish and British Leaders that were in the battle. Check out this video of them conversing before the battle.

Being outside in a beautiful Florida park is hard to beat and the historic plays and re-enactments are so much fun! That is General Oglethorpe for the British in the red jacket.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Wife says, "I Got Lucky When I Married Her"

My wife sometimes says to me, "You got lucky when you married me", and I always answer her swiftly with a "yes"! There are a number of things about my wife Sonia or her persona, Bohemian Babushka that make me lucky.

 So far it hasn't been her playing of the lottery that has made me lucky, but we have been on the roll lately with the Florida game, "Lucky Money" winning a couple dollars many times. The quotation by my wife usually comes after a great meal that she has prepared and she knows I love it when she sees my head bobbing.

The other night she fixed an original tasting pork with a light barbecue sauce with one of my favorites, red beans and rice with squash in it. The mix of red beans, tender pork and squash is out of this world! Check out this picture below.

Cuban Food  BBQ pork Red Beans and Rice

I didn't marry Babushka for her cooking but like she says I got lucky! With her warm smile, twinkling eyes, exotic look and countless other assets, yea, very lucky!

BB natural

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Cat Mojo and His NightLife

Mojo, my all black cat did something that was interesting the other night. Mojo is for the most part an indoor cat. He is very picky when he does decide to go outside, always careful and very slow to exit the door.

Sometimes he is motivated to go out when I'm going to throw his litter waste in the trash can. He follows me down to the front of the house where the can is located and this bothers me, because there is a busy road nearby.

On the kitchen table where he knows he shouldn't be 

Whenever he does this I try to keep him from going near this road, but he thinks its a game and wonders into this dark and mysterious place. I try to grab him and make him go back to hangout on top of the car, which seems to be his only other observable nightlife activity.

One night I tried to see where Mojo was, so I shined my flashlight into this dark world of his. I saw him standing in the middle of the road just sitting there, very cool-cat like and he didn't move. It was like he was meditating in the street. It was a memorable sight and there can be a speeding car coming down this road at night, but I trusted this wise old man to come back to where he was safe.