My latino wife calls me Sweetie: My South Florida Adventure with BB, Part 2

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My South Florida Adventure with BB, Part 2

    As I recall, I had just made it to Miami where my wife BB had picked me up at the airport and it had taken us forever to make it back to our hotel.  Well, we awoke the next day excited about my wife's company," BlogginMamas" big public relations party which was to be held at the famous Hialeah Park, famous for it's flock of pink flamingos.  My wife and I went early to the event that night and I watched as she did her transformation into the more free spirited BB.

     Watching her transformation is like watching some kind of superhero, it can be exciting and fun.  BB does seem to have some kind of power of making people smile and laugh as she is often greeted with many admirers and that is fun and gets the party started.  BB dressed In pink, to honor the park's official colors, had her special made hat and she looked mystical and glamorous from a bygone era.
    The Hialeah Park is steeped in history with old pictures of the power elite, like the Kennedys and Winston Churchill.  The party was relaxed and there was some great food like coconut shrimp and wine.  All the people behind "BlogginMamas" did a great job in promoting their great ideas including the leaders Heather and BB on their way to a great future.

To be continued..............................................