My latino wife calls me Sweetie: Bohemian Babushka's Traveling bags

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bohemian Babushka's Traveling bags

My wife Bohemian Babushka or BB packs her bags just like her personality,big. Her traveling bags are on steroids and the procedure she uses to get them ready is quite an ordeal! It takes BB several days to pack for her trip, usually she is only headed to South Florida for a brief stay. One problem BB always has when packing,is the size of the suitcase is never big enough or more importantly,how much does the suitcase weigh? The one bag limit is usually fifty pounds and this is almost an
impossible task for BB! Now to be fair to BB,she is packing not only her clothes but all the items for her grandchildren that she has stored away to give for presents, which looks like a small toy and candy store. Yes,BB also has a big heart. The next step is to make sure the suitcase will be big enough for everything and helping her hold the suitcase so BB can zip up the suitcase,yea,not as easy as it seems! If not, it's off to a scavenger hunt at local thrift stores to find just the right one. Of course she always finds such great deals. Now you would think BB would be set to go,the bag has been weighed before she gets to the station and the weight is 35 pounds, well under the 50 pound limit. BB sees this as an opportunity to put a few extra items,but when she weighs in,the bag tips the scale at 65 pounds almost double the original pre-weight. Oh no what is BB going to do? No problem, BB will just unpack some things, put them in the carry-on bag or give me some things to take back home. Oh BB never a dull moment.