My latino wife calls me Sweetie: Super Bowl and my birthday

Friday, February 6, 2015

Super Bowl and my birthday

Every year on February 3rd I celebrate my birthday with my twin brother and we celebrate another event, the Super bowl. Both events usually include indulgence of food. This year the Super bowl came before my birthday. We had a party of three to feed which includes my Cuban wife. I originally shopped for the fare which included my favorites;Buffalo wings,chips and salsa,cheese,cold cuts,crackers,fruit slices and other cold items along with ice cold beer. Having a Cuban wife, she needed to add a few things which included some really great dips along with some toasted French bread which would be dipped into the warm dip. It was a seafood dip and along with the bread made us very full. With my Cuban wife you will never go hungry! On top of all that she made peanut butter brownies! Thinking that foodfest can't be beat, two days later my birthday proves that all wrong. I had the king of all foods,lasagna! Now this isn't any lasagna, it's my wife's lasagna and she does in her big Cuban way, lots of it! Yes, the tastiest melt in your mouth stuff you have ever tasted. Of course we had the usual cake and ice cream, but like my wife says "We eat good"!