My latino wife calls me Sweetie: We Don't Eat Fancy But We Eat Good

Sunday, July 5, 2015

We Don't Eat Fancy But We Eat Good

"We Don't Eat Fancy But We Eat Good". My Cuban wife coined this phrase about our meals, and we sure do eat good. Tonight we had ground beef, black beans, rice, plantains, tomatoes and Cuban bread. She taught me a little trick with the black beans: cut up some onions to go on top of the black beans, yum! Some of these little tricks by my Cuban wife can make all the difference in the world.

I am currently in Miami at the location of Little Havana. The influence of this neighborhood has rubbed off on her, with all the variety of food. When we are here, we eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables including salads. My wife BB buys fruits and veggies not from the stores here but small stands that peddle their fresh local produce.  Great prices and fresh produce make some great meals!

4th of July Dinner Ribs, Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob

 It was 4th of July yesterday, and what does BB come up with but ribs cooked in barbecue sauce. We also had fresh corn, and coleslaw along with fresh Cuban bread. These ribs were not from the grill but they were so good. Add a little red wine, and you have a great 4th of July dinner. We also had my local favorite ice cream, "Mamey". This pinkish fruit ice cream is now one of my favorites, and BB made sure I had some.  You can't find it once you leave Miami. Like BB always says, "We don't eat fancy but we eat good". BB cooked up her famous Cuban Steak Sandwich today, for lunch. The thin sliced steak is another item that is easy to find in Little Havana. Use fresh Cuban bread, add tomatoes,  onions, and top with BB's secret topping, potato sticks! Lots more food and culture to discover here in Little Havana!

Cuban Steak Sandwich,potatoe sticks,onions,tomatoes