My latino wife calls me Sweetie: Summer Vacation in Volusia County, Florida

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Vacation in Volusia County, Florida

This trip was hosted by SeaWorld and the West Volusia Tourism group.

Well, I needed a summer vacation so, my wife and granddaughter ventured with me to Volusia County near Orlando. My wife, Bohemian Babushka, has some connections and she got us a two day stay at the Deland Hampton Inn, yes amazing. This was great, because not only do you get a great room, with a pool and gym, but you get the-all you can eat breakfast and can go back and have a little bit more later. They also have 24 hour coffee bar and 8 pm is time for fresh baked Cookies & Milk. What a great place to stay and relax!

Before checking into the hotel, we went to a "splash party" at Sea World with our granddaughter La Princesa and she had a great time. I didn't do the splash party, but got soaked anyway with a torrential rain and thunderstorm. Didn't help with my cold, but it did make for a wonderful family memory.

Next up was the St. Johns eco riverboat tour, which was a beautiful and relaxing ride where you could see some creatures that make their home here, like these Barred Owls.

La Princesa got to drive the riverboat and she did very well.

La Princesa needed a summer trip as much as we did and she wanted pizza and had it twice. 
Now you know you have to please royalty, so pizza at Flippers and at the Family Fun Town.

Besides the awesome pizza, the Family Fun Town, has miniature golf, arcade games, batting cages and go carts.  We did almost all of it and had a good time. They have great family packs and options to make it a truly fun place for full days and parties.  They picked their name perfectly; we could have stayed there the whole day!!

The go carts were fun for both of us; they were fast. 

We had a fun and relaxing vacation and looking forward to going to Destin next month, thanks to my Babushka!  I just love being married to a travel blogger, hope to become one myself soon; it's a great gig if you can get it!

Where would you love to go if you could travel anywhere?

So long for now,