My latino wife calls me Sweetie: "Lost in Space" Brings Back Memories

Friday, August 26, 2016

"Lost in Space" Brings Back Memories

lost in space photo: Lost in Space Cast lis33.jpg
photobucket via Jamie80Rocks 

It is amazing how watching an old movie or TV show brings back memories of the actual time period of the sixties. If you can remember the TV sci-fi series "Lost in Space" then you kind of know what I mean. This was just a fun show to watch about being in futuristic space in what was 1997!

You might have heard some great stories about the 60's if you are from a different generation and it was a fun time! It seemed like the development of space would have accelerated quicker than it has when I was growing up in the sixties.

My dad was an engineer who worked on some of the first rockets sent into space and he always had some great stories when he came home. Space seemed very real back then, not just in the wacky TV series "Lost in Space". John F. Kennedy was big on the space program and it seemed to be progressing fast and I remember support decreasing as time went by and my dad losing his job.

Now watching "Lost in Space" on Hulu, it has brought back some amazing memories even though the series only ran three years. I think the sixties really were great and opportunistic years and I am enjoying a part of them once again.

Youtube video of "Lost in Space", enjoy the cool music and how the show begins.

Sweetie signing off for now.