My latino wife calls me Sweetie: Enjoy the Season for Giving and Ease off the Manic Decorating

Monday, December 12, 2016

Enjoy the Season for Giving and Ease off the Manic Decorating

Another Christmas is upon us and you can see all the combos of decorations that everyone puts in their yard and on TV. There is a show that has a competition on lighting up your house and everyone is excited from this manic decorating. To me it is a little irritating although it can be entertaining at times.

The thing that irritates me the most is how so many houses you see decorated lack any real theme, which just gives me visual overload. I guess if your a youngster it can be fun but not for some folks. It seems people had more taste in putting up their outdoor decorations in the past, not just including every possible combination of Christmas characters imaginable.

My advice is to create a theme before starting your outdoor decorating, then proceed. One other note I have observed is there are less manger scenes these days, but I'm always more impressed by the ones I do see than any of the other decorations.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the shots around Crawfordville and Tallahassee.

Park Avenue Tallahassee

Christmas Tallahassee Crawfordville Florida
With wife Babushka in Dorothy Ovens Park night time Tallahassee.
Day shots of Crawfordville Courthouse.